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So now you'd better stop and rebuild all your ruins. For peace and trust can win the day despite of all your losing.
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"81 million votes" in politics
3 ups, 3d
Define too many?

An improbability is not impossible. It is just as improbable for a President to win the Electoral, and still lose the Popular vote; as it is improbable for a President to lose bellwether counties and still win the Electoral vote. Both bellwether and popular votes aren’t inherently red flags of fraud; but they are red flags of a shift in political relevancies which is good if you’re honestly for something less traditional, establishment, or in other words… conservative. Which if you’re anti-establishment; is a boon whether you like it or not.

Do you not want younger, less rich representatives?

Then you won’t be voting Republican then. They’re mostly moldy old white guys at lease 20% overweight. There are always a few token exceptions; and they shouldn’t be ignored. Unless they’re saying the same shit.
"81 million votes" in politics
3 ups, 3d
Prove that enough illegals did is all he is saying.

Your only evidence is Trump lost, “so illegals must’ve voted or Democrats cheated or both!”

Which sounds childish and makes us want to say to you;

“That’s nice dear. Drink your milk and eat all your green beans and maybe one day you’ll grow up and earn the right to participate in a real conversation like an adult.”
"81 million votes" in politics
4 ups, 3d
Whoa whoa whoa! We’re not at war with Mexico nor anyone south of the border. And we aren’t letting known members of ISIS or the Taliban vote.

So can you clarify enemies? We talking liberals or do you mean trans, gays, Jews, Muslims or the old-fashioned black people? Those still aren’t enemies even if you or other people like you don’t like them.

Finally, it always takes days to count every vote. You’re confusing counting votes with taking votes. There is a difference. Not to mention if there were 300,000 or so votes thrown out were for Trump; and they were found after November 3rd, should they be counted?


Were they counted? Yes, separately, to verify their validity.

Did they have enough to influence the election for a Trump win? Nope!

The Stolen Election angle is as tired as Russian Collusion. Sorry nobody gonna impeach Biden over the Stolen Election business like they tried to with Trump. Oh wait, they never did. They impeached him for trying to withhold aid and incite insurrection, not Russian Collusion. Oh well, never mind.
Even Gump knows what's about to happen. in politics
1 up, 3d
So, either the pandemic is in recession enough because enough of the population have been vaccinated to jumpstart herd immunity after two years or…

Or… Trump was at best incompetent or at worse intentionally breaking the law at the mishandling of classified documents. And everyone decided to call off the fake pandemic that the whole world agreed existed just like the whole world has agreed to maintain the conspiracy thar the Earth was round when it’s actually flat.

I’m going for the first one. Mostly because the Earth being round and the pandemic real being the biggest give away.

Unfortunately, Trump mishandling classified documents is true.

Only an idiot would vote for him again after knowing he’s just as incompetent, if not more so, than Sleepy Joe.

Sleepy Joe can still try to top Jan 6th.

Think he will or will he just take the afternoon off while Kamala is sworn in?
Who else is tired of the whiny RINOs? in politics