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It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.
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Yep in politics
1 up, 3d
There is nothing there.

They’re making it all up. As usual.
Yep in politics
1 up, 3d
So it doesn’t. More made up crap. Yawn.
"81 million votes" in politics
0 ups, 3d
How do Democrats being equally wrong prove your point?

Hint, it doesn’t.

Whataboutism don’t change the results of the 2020 election, nor the 2016 election.

The real question here is did YOU ridicule Hillary Clinton and her disciples? And, if so, how does that justify Trump and his cronies making even just as ridiculously unfounded claims?

We didn’t see Hillary Clinton running in 2020. Are you arguing she should have? If I had to guess, you would’ve welcomed that rematch in 2020 because Trump would be the sure fire winner, kee-rect?

And now flip it back to 2024 with Biden and Trump. Do you see how even Republican voters, such as myself, even if I am among the minority, might somehow think that to be… incredibly… stupid?
"81 million votes" in politics
0 ups, 4d
You have no evidence there was ballot tampering. Period.
"81 million votes" in politics
0 ups, 4d
The difference is I’m arguing here against someone saying it’s impossible that bellwethers to have shifted so dramatically, when they very clearly can.

You’re arguing that it’s probable the election was stolen and rigged.

And sure, it is possible but these red flags don’t make the claim any more probable.