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A differing opinion
And a correction, I just checked before you remind me, I'll just say suspiciously leading UP to the time he was president, he was likely a congressmember at the time revising history as I stated.
A differing opinion
Revisionist readings of the intent of the founders, 1903 is suspiciously after Woodrow Wilson, the originator of deep state America and one of the biggest pieces of shit to ever walk the planet.
That Would Be Great
Disregard previous as far as me thinking you were a supporter of the New Mexico ISIS, I should have known better.
That Would Be Great
Wouldn't that be our judges for deeming them "no threat to the community"? Too bad they weren't Christian, they'd be burned to a crisp by now.
Yeah, I remember that. He was reminding everyone of why the 2nd amendment exists, we have the ultimate right to change our government id and when it is not functioning properly anymore, they of course don't like the sound of that. I will admit that means lefty can do the same if they have a mind to, but the fact is the 2nd amendment was not just about food supply and security against the enviroment you live in, it was as a check on government. In dem land what Trump said would have been a "misquote", and the "news" would have been happy to parrot the correction, as in Gov cuomo recently saying clear as day "america was never that great", and then his correction that every MSM is regurgitating that "america has ALWAYS been great" in Trump's world he will be given no such consideration, it was a tacit threat on Hillary's life, blah blah blah. No, it was just a reminder that when she came for our weapons, we have no requirement to turn them in. There might be a fight over it, but the right to bear arms "shall not be infringed", even though they try daily. As for my "racist conspiracy", there is no place in Americas future for a white male, unless he's gay. Everything must revolve around "people of color", and whatever need they may happen to have. Sentences usually start out with a variation of "as a person of color......" and then goes on to list a grievance against America by which I am somehow at least partially responsible. If I try to point out that my heritage is Irish, and my people were treated less than when they arrived it gets a ho hum, when I explain that time in history was AFTER the civil war, meaning none of my ancestors ever owned a slave, it gets a bigger ho hum. When a black person talks about the pride they have in thier race, that's not racIST. If I or any other white man talk about pride we might have in our race, it is ALWAYS racist, and to be discouraged. People who are varying shades of brown (nationality doesn't matter) are not only allowed, they are encouraged to have pride in thier race, thier heritage, thier contributions to American society, etc etc etc. Whites are to be ashamed of our race, any self immolation is welcome on that front, but pride, like I said, unless it's GAY pride, it's not allowed and is punished wherever it is found. A purposeful, encouraged by all the powers that be, browning of America, I'm not sure what else to call it.