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The harder they fall in politics
0 ups, 5mo
I would have to agree with you pal
Truth be told in politics
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I only had a few to choose from, maybe I need to pay for the advanced features but I knew it couldn't go in "fun", they unpublished one for having posted it there, it was political but sarcastic at the same time can't remeber wghat the meme was tho, but I figured politics was my best bet on this one it definitly has a few bases of that covered.
Truth be told in politics
1 up, 5mo
I made yesterday took 23 hrs to get posted, I was wondering if it was any copyright infringements so I was surprised when it did get published, but I watched an interview with him a while back about his being a Christian these days as am I, so I'd hope if he ever sees it he'd be cool with it and not decide to sue (no way I could afford as good a lawyer as him LOL)
No free thinking allowed in politics
0 ups, 9mo
How about the rights women strip away from thier own babies by denying them life?