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Picking the wrong horse
I can't post memes in my responses for some reason, not sure if it's because I'm not on an upgraded account, would have done that but they wanted paypal, who wanted my SSN# so that aint gonna happen, the best I think I can do is give you the link and let you click on it, as far as i am concerned ALL of them have us on a "who's on first routine" from Abbott and Costello. Fox plays the straight man to the liberal "news: costello, they play off each other and at the end of the day no one is any more informed than they were at the start of it, there's always another reason you'd better tune in tomorrow to find out the "bombshell" disclosure, etc etc.
Leak Treason reports, #1
(Elvis voice) Thank you, thank you very much
Unelected policy makers
I'm not flipping out, thats why I gave you my best attempt at my Elvis meme, I cant post them in responses. I do appreciate the critique though, I hadn't even noticed it but I wouldn't want to let too many get out there like that. But as to how to trim and things I'll refer to your step by step and see if it works I am beyond all thumbs with software, I am just barely functional in the i-world.
Unelected policy makers
That's probably one of the perks included with an upgrade to my account here which would have meant a paypal account which meant they wanted my SSN# for some reason and I said absolutely not. Getting the idea across is more important to me than any small blemishes such as that but I will keep it in mind for future memes. And because I cant post a meme to my response (probably another of those perks I cant exploit without an upgrade) I'll have you envision my Elvis meme which says "Thank you, thank you very much".
The why's of this world
A token conviction to give the illusion of parity. They probably went through the rolodex and found who was most likely to be up on charges in the next year and Blagojevich drew the short straw on that one.