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Columbo's on the case
Fair enough but a bigger problem then is the way our two choices are never choices at all, but who the establishment picked to continue the long term goals of the establishment, also the political cycle itself, which puts time frames on things and guarantees nothing ever gets done (the way the framers intended I am sure). Like this new dem congress, they aint getting nothing done, not once presidential election season starts which should be somewhere by late spring, every policy proposal will have an asterisk attached* *We have to wait until 2020, to see what the American people think about this Gridlock is fine, it's what was intended but long term the trend is left, they own the schools, the press, a good portion of judges, a good amount of deep state players imbedded in lifetime jobs, and the slow pace we have to work with is forcing me to try and double down the idea that "mother may I" republicans need to go. Trump is not a "mother may I", THAT is one of the biggest things I like about him.
Columbo's on the case
Are you an anti_Trump conservative? If yes please explain your #1 objection to him and even if that is his tweets, just saying "his tweets" is not good enough, you must EXPLAIN your objection to them because they are his only way of bypassing the MSM. That seems to be the biggest objection to him and so I am using it as an example, but I guess this is a 2 part question and answer 1) are you an anti Trump conservative B) if so please EXPLAIN your #1 objection to him There's no time limit on this test, but there will be a "pass/fail" dynamic so think out your answers carefully please.
The Janus complex
Still using deflection as a tactic Eh, Der Furher? I am not going to waste my time with endless back and forths with you again, the democrats are the Nazi's, they walk in lockstep, they demand conformity to thier beliefs, they use brownshirt tactics against people they don't like such as Tucker Carlson the other night, take your Brad Pitt fetish somewhere else.
Knowledge is power
Judging by the pic, and the snark, I'll surmise you agree with that type of reporting because it benefits your side. There is no doubt a suppression of facts about the gay lifestyle is required when forcing things like gay marraige and gay adoption on the rest of the country, and how all the reporting and all the stories about it that came out simultaneously that said "there's nothing wrong with it, why are you such a bigot?" Yellow journalism helped bring that about so I am sure you approve. Whether or not the unreported and suppressed consequenses of that lifestyle hit home and you do the "Freddie Mercury" by 30 (while passing it along to everyone else beforehand so they can enjoy the cold chills at night too), or your adopted son becomes the next generation of patrons to show up at The Firehouse bar (the true reason gays are so bent on adoption, when a person cant PROcreate they decide to INDOCTRINate) remains to be seen.
Knowledge is power
Reporters have something to hide, namely any bad press concerning democrats and the left. The "news" in this country don't just decide what stories to cover, they decide what stories to cover UP depending on who will be hurt or helped by either instance. When was the last time you heard a "news" division say something like "you heard it here first"? You don't, because you hear it on all of them all at once. Because they are not in competition with each other they are in collusion with each other, and they play gaurd dog for democrats and attack dog to republicans, they are not impartial, they are biased towards one side, therefore they have forfeited any protections they think they have.