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Jim Halpert Explains in politics
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So you're saying that Truth, no matter where it comes from, is something of a puppet and gullible?
If it's the Truth, then it doesn't matter the messenger/platform.

Even the freaking Eugenicists saying that they should poison were telling the truth about societies' issues, some of the time, but they just went about it wrong, but would they talk about some true stories? Yup. Does that mean I agree with the poisoning/sterilization? Nope.

Am I going to fight to my death to stop Eugenicists? Yup! But I hear 10% of truth, in a web of lies, from even the most evil person, they'll say something that is true, that doesn't make ME gullible for simply noting/crediting when a person has it correct, imo.
Is There an Agenda? Sad When Bias & Censorship Unite to Hide Facts & Truth... in politics
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Come over, I'll show you.

When did I ever say that I am the government or oversee everything?

Or... ALL news sources, rumors, theories, questions, answers from left/right field, and common sense, everything in favor of individual rights
Jim Halpert Explains in politics
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Taking the truth, anywhere it comes from, even if it's a random meme, yes. Problem? I see you have no counter. Goodbye virgin.