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PAID IN FULL in politics
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These are from a limited amount of fact checks, but I think it still speaks volumes.
PAID IN FULL in politics
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I’m all for peaceful protests when, but when the peaceful protestors are being dragged away in unmarked government vehicles, then those with the ability should have the power to oppose that through any means necessary. Unmarked government vehicles dragging away political dissidents is not democratic, and should not be how any humane, first world country should operate.

Besides, when black people are being killed in the streets by cops, PEACEFUL protestors are being shot at by men in riot gear, and our “President” is completely and totally against the protests, then why should I care if someone destroys a target, or loots a convenient store? The police are the ones who showed up in riot gear and treated us as if we were threats by shooting the protestors. Maybe it’s about damn time we met those expectations and defended our lives and the lives of our fellow citizens.
PAID IN FULL in politics
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Refer to this for credible sources