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It is never that easy, it is a pain to get. in politics
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Well I just talked to a good friend

I now think Chauvins guilty of something.

I have never watched the 9 and a half minutes of him on the neck. Basically despite that pic from the manual, that is NOT the recovery position. And the cop knew that. And people were saying “he’s choking please stop”. Ive changed my opinion.
It’s CRIME, Not COPS • <neverwoke> in politics
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Yeah some cops definitely are criminals
It’s CRIME, Not COPS • <neverwoke> in politics
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Good point. I dont believe the dem *politicians* care. Which is not what I wrote.
The tragic results of the breakdown of the traditional family. in politics
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Actually no. The protests caused two billion $ in damage over twelve days. From may 28 to june 10. Theres hours and hours of mayhem and destruction and violence. Bunch of haters. But if youre a hater then ok. I want peace