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Martin Luther King - Content of Character in politics
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Bro~ Unless this was sarcastic, police in general are not racist. Because, statistically, black people tend to come from more impoverished backgrounds, a higher percentage of black people end up in crime life, which leads to police being more involved in black crimes. Not to mention, the media only hypes black people being shot by white people, not white people being shot by white people or black peoples shooting black people or Asian people shooting blacks.
Please explain this picture in fun
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I watched the show and I love it
Silence is not golden. in politics
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but if everyone is neutral there is no one left to opress or be opressed
I Have A Dream! in politics
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ik some of this is irrelavent but i wanted to get it out there
I Have A Dream! in politics
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AGREED! to anyone who disagrees, did you know its possible to be racist towards people who are not black too? did you know you can be sexist towards men? did you know that people are taking advantage of these claims and end up only hurting themselves? if you truly think black people are at a disadvantage (and most of them are) instead of the govenrment giving them money or traumatizing police that are more innocent than you, it would be infinitely more helpful to help them learn to live on their own. help them find a job, dont do it for them. and if you truly think that EVERYONE is equal then why are you still raising people above other people based on their gender and race?