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What the hell is politics in MS_memer_group
2 ups, 1mo
This is for the US.

Democrats are a political party that supports left wing politics (LGBTQ+, races, freedom of choice)

Republicans are a political party that supports alt-right wing politics (no abortion, LGBTQ+ is illegal, tax breaks for the wealthy, Christian nationalism)

A conservative is someone who supports right wing politics (smaller government and isolationism are some things that pop into my head about them) but aren’t always with the Republicans due to their alt-right policies.

Hope this helps, MSMG is very much leaning into the Alt-right from what I’ve seen.
(No offense to ryn btw) in MS_memer_group
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image tagged in don t overthink this | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
This literally means nothing but bragging points on a website most people only use as a meme generator for Reddit and Twitter.

Trust me, I’ve wanted to be up there too, not worth it in the long term.
Nestle pool in MS_memer_group
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