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Biden voters at the pumps in politics
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It’s an obviously fake bumper sticker using IMGFlip tools It’s not even photoshop and you trumplicans fell for it | image tagged in memes,but that's none of my business,kermit the frog | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Really not doing yourself or others like you any favors.

Just ensuring Democrats will continue to win while you line up behind these self-serving idiot who still believe the election was stolen.
Afraid of debating? in politics
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Yes, it’s ridiculous to change people’s mind. How off-topic in the politics stream about disabling comments of people who might disagree with you.
Misplaced Compassion? in politics
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Just because I disagree with you doesn't make me a liberal. I have said countless times on this site that I'm not so, if you're unreasonably expecting me to read every comment you've made, I guess I can make that same unreasonable demand on you. Or, you could just argue your point better regardless of your political alignment.

No policy caused the increase of 6,000 immigrants a day. And there is a far cry difference in asylum seekers and illegal immigrants.

"I gave Biden his chance"

You gave him three months and some change. You wanted to give Trump eight years. Trump contributed 7.8 trillion dollars to our national debt while Biden's 1.9 trillion is roughly 24% of what Trump spent overall. About a fourth. And a necessary one at that given we're still in the middle of two crisis. One both economic and of health.
Misplaced Compassion? in politics
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When did Biden throw open the border, exactly?

It might surprise you to learn that governors, senators, and representatives do not share the same power as Presidents and Vice Presidents. Your sentence might've made more sense if you'd accused Biden of not doing anything about the homeless problem in 8 years.

For the most part of the twentieth century, homelessness has been recognized as primarily a state issue. Especially among Republicans. One not easily addressed by the federal government. You can accuse Biden of not doing enough for homelessness in Delaware twelve years ago. Yet, Delaware ranks 48 in regards to the most homeless... or rather, third, in the least homeless population in the country. So, your criticism will likely fall rather flat.

You might've mentioned that Republicans AND Democrats failed on the issue, but not in this comment chain. All I heard was you blubber on about Trump not making it an issue nor addressing it, yet he was somehow "accomplished a great deal during his four years" and "If he had four more, who knows what he would've gotten done."

Which is just utter bullshit. As is your denial that you're not "passing anything" when your meme clearly puts the current situation on Biden.

All I'm saying is maybe give Biden the same opportunity you claim Trump never got if you want your criticism to hold weight and instead you continue to pass the buck onto Biden.