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This woman’s ignorance isn’t even funny anymore!! in politics
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You know, since I am the Kraut here, I have to say there actually is a difference. Nazi KZs were nothing short of death camps. They were also sometimes known as Arbeitslager, but that was just a farce. Auschwitz even had the motto "Arbeit macht Frei" which translates to Work makes free, which again is also a complete farce. The Thing about these Refugee Camps on the US-Mexico border is that they are Camps where a large amount of people are kept there in bad and inhumane conditions and without due Process. What do you call that?

Another example of Concentration Camps, but not Death camps, would be the American-Japanese Internemnt Camps.
trump laughing in politics
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But it was still a profit of 40 Mil for the Government from ceased Manaford assets.
Pride goeth before the fall. in politics
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Humans are not functioning properly when they use cars or planes. Since they don't use the feet they were born with
President Trump in politics
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