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Hmm, I wonder if his total body damage would cover this?
Made in Britain
I am NOT PRO TRUMP, I am pro truth. It's just hard to swallow that anyone can compare a sleazy narcissist to a genocidal maniac
"Trump has killed 0" - That we know the witnesses were subjugated into silence - (The scale of the crimes the political Party Hitler was involved with wasn't fully known until even after the war. That being sad - the main person in charge of the Extermination project wasn't even Hitler it was his lackey Heinrich Himmler. - The reason they compare Trump talk to Hitler because the way he is talking and the nature of what comes out of his mouth - are alike - maybe their hair styles too but that is not really important. - Just because there has been no "reported" Deaths caused by Trump doesn't mean it hasn't happened - Poor working conditions at Trump Tower and work related accident would make him ultimately responsible in the same way Hitler was responsible for his party. - You honestly think Trump would allow that new be public knowledge or use his money to sweep it under the rug.
I believe these came out around the time I was in 4th or 5th how times have changed.
go watch the original superman movies to see one in action and working lol