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If you're scared of ww3 it's time to wake up.
Cold War aside: your original point was that Russia has lost so much in WW2 so they know the true horrors of war and won't start another one. Um, sorry, but I don't think you learn from history very well. That same idea was common in the late teens and early 20s. The popular belief after WW1 was "No more war. This was the war to end all wars!" They thought that since they had gone through something so terrible and devasting (the biggest war in history at that time!) that clearly no one would ever want another war like it. They were wrong. Another war was started and, as I'm sure you know, ended up being way worse than even the previous one. All to say, I'm well aware of the statistics of the horrible Eastern Front. But unfortunately, a nation can suffer those losses and still not learn. And times have changed in Russia and around the world. Another war is very possible. You were right about your argument not being rocket science, though.