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I love this! I'm sloppy about responding to comments,as my memory & energy took enormous hits from chemo & low O2 but I never let even feeling like a zombie stumbling through a Purgatorial existence make me so unsporting that I spitefully refuse to upvote the memes of those whose political views differ from mine. Some comments can be hard to upvote,but eventually I get around to it...i have been known to upvote even conservative humor-as long as is not a deliberate attempt to perpetuate slander against working class folks who have the gall to ask inconvenient questions. I believe that there's hope for everyone but paid trolls,& that everyone has a right to express an opinion as long as it's not a deliberate falsehood that can influence flightier minds(like the morons who believed Roger Stones PizzaGate story-when there wasn't even a basement to RUN a brothel out of in the pizza place! But alternative "facts" that fall apart like an old rayon blouse washed in hot water don't deter the lie meisters. They just churn out more of the same,& I haven't much patience w/ them! They think if they keep repeating their lies,it will be accepted as truth.??????????????
I'd like to punch Trump in the face! in fun
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Me too,Dusty,Me Too! But I'd have to get in that long,long line behind nearly 300 million other Americans, & God only knows how many nearly as outraged allies of the USA who see quite clearly what the wilfully ignorant refuse to admit;that America has become Amerika! I don't hate Russians,but I have come to detest Putin's puppet Trump & all that he represents of the worst in humanity. The boot in the face of the helpless,& the grabby little claw! You know what I refer to;today we call it the GOP in this country,but they are the same creatures they have always been throughout the ages. They are the reason we have not reached the stars yet. We will strangle in utero on the greed of men (&women)- who lack consciences,and who serve no one but themselves-ere we reach what should have been humanity's birthright. It was sold for a mess of carrion spoils,so that pigs might feast on their slops..Oh,wait,I just insulted the noble & intelligent porcine race! ????My bad!
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We ARE amusing little slaves,aren't we? The reason some people are unnerved by cats is that they take themselves entirely too seriously. They know cats are indeed laughing at us,(who wouldn't-i laugh at myself every day!)-but to those who equate laughter with unbearable & unfortunate loss of dignity, even a cats quiet observation & restrained amusement at the clumsiness of the tailless but endearing human slaves is just too much for the humorless to bear! On the other hand,Mark Twain, our beloved humorist, loved cats dearly,once renting one while on vacation. He had great esteem for cats!
So do most of us with decent senses of humor.????????????????
Who said they would have "more flexibility" to negotiate with Russia after the election? in fun
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 'Putin & Death in Samara'-or, 'Let them Eat Pastries!''-Would YOU accept food from this hand? | ENJOY  YOUR PASTRIES,ANGELA! WHAT? NERVE AGENTS?  WHY WOULD  YOU  
THINK   THAT? | image tagged in vladimir putin,poison,spy,assassination,sneak attack | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
You aren't paid enough to justify supporting TrumpPutin.You know EXACTLY what everyone is upset about-a little matter of treason & a dictatorship upheld by an unholy alliance between some extraordinarily greedy men who have no loyalties to the country that they grew rich off of. Like all ghouls,they go where the scavenging is richest. If it means picking the bones of America, & turning it into a polluted wasteland like Russia,the GOP sellouts don't care. They know EXACTLY what Trump is,but can only see the financial payoffs of jumping on the bandwagon. And folks like you work for peanuts to spread dissension & misinformation among US citizens! I shouldn't be angry-i forget that there ALWAYS will be those who help dictators assume power. But i AM-because MY ancestors worked hard to create this nation,& we don't take kindly to crooks who want to make us eat more of the same crap we have already been choking on! Trump isn't offering us an improvement-he's offering us a misogynistic birther nightmare cooked up by a KGB thug who poisons anyone who disagrees with him!
Bad Pun Trump in fun
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'Trumps Teflon Takes Heat'-No Collusion?Then why speak of self pardons?"-And why try so hard to slag the Mueller investigation?  | BELIEVE ME,THERE WAS NO COLLUSION! BUT IF THERE WAS HILLARY DID IT! AND I CAN PARDON MYSELF ANYWAY..OOPS,HOW DO I UNTWEET THIS POST? | image tagged in trump russia collusion,conservative hypocrisy,hypocrisy,gop hypocrite,privilege | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Yeah,right-she rigged it so she would LOSE? That never has made any sense! And no matter how many times you repeat it,& no matter how many times you get your Eastern block buddies to vote up your memes,sheer repetition won't make Hillary Clinton guilty of something she DIDN'T DO! All Americans aren't as dumb as you think we are-even if our legislators are too busy stuffing their own pockets to allow us to get decent primary school educations & higher educational opportunities. No one tweaks the web to LOSE! Putin hated Hillary. He was prepared to give her a Dioxin treatment like he gave Yuschenko in the Ukraine in 2004 if his pet flying monkey didn't "win" by dint of his & his GOP buddies mudslinging campaigns & hacking of voter databases & the infusions of cash for Trumps campaign didn't work. As if Trump, the biggest ripoff artist EVER,would actually fund his own campaign! Trump wouldn't pay his own lunch bill! We all know exactly what happened,any of us who were paying attention during the 2016 sElection!