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AOC - Death by Global Warming in politics
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Oh that's fine, but it's not worth destroying our economy and livelihoods over. There are people in Texas right now freezing to death because wind turbines don't work when most needed. You wanna help with the environment? Then follow in the footsteps Henry David Thoreau and go off the grid. It's possible to live like that. In fact, it would actually probably do you a lot of good. Just don't demand that the rest of us go back to living in the Middle Ages, for the sake of the environment which isn't even in that much danger. If you want people to take your perspective seriously, maybe you should practice what you preach.
P.S. Please don't finish every comment with an insult, you only demean yourself in the eyes of others.
Left Exit 12 Off Ramp in gaming
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It's not about mining the obsidian, you're gonna have to do that either way. It's about finding the obsidian, and the other dangers that are presented.