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Both Buttons Pressed in fun
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pls tell me if there is in fun
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Just read the newspaper…..
God is great in Christian-clean-meme
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Could be. I haven’t read the Old Testament thoroughly and don’t know Hebrew. And one (or more) of those gods could well have been aliens - unfortunately very patriarchal ones. Ho Logos is a completely other story on a much higher level. But we have that level in ourselves, if you listen carefully enough to yourself (e.g. instead of to influencers etc…), and that is truly amazing.
God is great in Christian-clean-meme
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Some addition: the “god” of the Old Testament (original language: Hebrew) is obviously very often defined in a different way from “ho logos” (different level of definition). Some authors other than John of the New Testament might have confused the two definitions (when the word they use is “Theos” and not “ho logos”) which makes the confusion and chaos even bigger.
Victor Stenger in fun
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I absolutely agree, but the sad truth is that most so-called scientist are more worried about their ego than about their subject.