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Undead from the neck up in politics
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Trump is a c**t. Biden is too though. So let's bond over hatred for Biden.
Untitled Image in politics
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Believe CNN! Inflation is a GOOD thing! in politics
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To take the next gayass step, they have to make all currency "even" so they can be rolled into a bucket o'currency.
Don't Take This One Out Of Context in politics
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You never live out of your ego? You should teach classes.
#JimCrowJoe in politics
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A couple of goodies:

" ain't black." - Joe Biden
"I've worked like the Devil to get the support of black people - I've earned 'em." - Joe Biden

Heaven forbid he says "I don't care about the 'black vote,' I care about American votes." You know why he can't say that? Because CRT says so, and says if you're "color blind" you're actually a racist. Seems legit.