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Black Lives ... Marxists ... in politics
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Having resided in other nations around the world for the better part of my life, I will admit that HarryKuntz is right. The black communities elsewhere outside of the United States and its territories where the US has influence ... actually are far more matured as a people and culture. Even in what is considered "Third World." In some places I have been in Africa, the actual native Africans there consider US Blacks referring to themselves as "African Americans" and wearing traditional African dress as an offensive cultural appropriation. They do not consider US Blacks as Africans ... just Americans who happen to be black as well as arrogant, irresponsible, lazy, uneducated and generally from a lower social order. As for the slavery issue ... one black businesswoman I know in Botswana basically stated the following in an email recently: "None of the current American Blacks are slaves nor ever have been. No one owes them anything. The reparations they are always holding their hands out were already paid to slaves in the blood of 360,222 white and black United States Union soldiers who died for their freedom. Blacks in the United States pretend to be victims too much, but were any of them placed in internment camps during the second world war like your Japanese citizens? Slaughtered like animals and hunted for sport like your Native Americans? American Blacks have no humility or gratitude. Or do they not teach history in United States schools anymore?" My only response was that people only hear what they think they already know, regardless if it's right or wrong. Like this BLM movement which is blatantly Marxist and anti-authority ... American Blacks know it's Marxist, but they only see the potential of getting something for nothing and not having to be responsible for their own lives or actions. C'est la vie.
It should have been easy in politics
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One word Hildebeast ... BENGHAZI.