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Roll Safe Think About It
no it won't Those shooters blow their brains out most of the time, so I don't think they would be deterred by the chance of someone else blowing their brains out. That might be more convenient for them, if you think about it. It doesn't make sense that it would deter them in the slightest considering they probably already want to die if they are doing something so heinous.
Controversial food for thought
no he didn't. You actually think that point is relevant and important to the conversation? It's just distracting from the argument and makes no effort beside to muddy the waters. But you seem perfectly satisfied with that. Bias much?
Controversial food for thought
you don't really need one for hunting. plenty of other rifles that work just as well. I'm sure they would sell it as a sports weapon as it has no other reliable purpose, and they still want to sell them. Like the word Illegal removes the rights they should have as individuals. If Illegal meant they have no rights, why don't we just lock them all up and shove them into gas chambers? That will solve the problem of having to worry about them coming back over! SO sensible.
Controversial food for thought
that is whataboutism. It's a non sequitar that makes no relevant point.
Blame the Gun
You Whataboutry is shameful