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Daniel Radcliffe's family was just known as the 'Cliffe's until his grandfather invented the kickflip
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Harold in fun
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I back this statement
Triggered feminist in fun
5 ups, 6y
Ah, yes, when people criticize CNN, it's DEFINITELY because Fox told us to and DEFINITELY not because people can for their own opinions and biases. And DEFINITELY not because CNN did anything wrong, oh for heaven's sake, that would be silly! It's not like they broke any LAWS or anything by BLACKMAILING a private citizen to silence because of a MEME he made. Definitely not any of that.

And while I'm at it, you do know that the majority of democrats were against the Equal Rights act of 1969, right? Robert Byrd (Who was an active member in the KKK) filibustered it. The majority of republicans were in favor of it, and we're the only reason it passed.

And fyi, when Robert Byrd died in 2010, Bill Clinton told us all to not worry about Byrd's involvement in the KKK and to sweep it under the rug, and Hillary Clinton called him her mentor and hero. And somehow all republicans are racist...
Triggered feminist in fun
4 ups, 6y
I see Imgflip has now broken into political arguments

Shit's about to get interesting. Go conservatives.
Untitled Image in fun
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I run a Conservative blog where I cover issues like socialism and the travel ban. Figured it was relevant. Funny art tho!
Liberals showing their true nature in fun
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You just described me, my entire family, and every single one of my friends. That's accurate as hell.