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I make memes sometimes. some of them may even be funny.
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Dog died in Comics
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if I keep replying to these, it will.
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I'm still like that, I hate getting invested in a character and their journey just to make it all meaningless in the end. At the very least give the character's death or actions some value that goes beyond their life, instead of ending the story in complete failure.
just have more tnt. simple in Minecraft
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in a server I play in often, I'm the only one with an elytra, and enchanted diamond gear, and a monopoly on the iron gathering. Because of the modpack's difficulty nobody feels like adventuring out to gather any of these on their own aside from the occasional scrap of iron. Whenever I leave my home in the twilight forest to visit the overworld I end up acting as a police force, stopping people who randomly fight each other though an onslaught of slashing, crossbow shooting, and outmaneuvering, all from the uncontested safety of the skies.

Perhaps I should consider TNT production, I have the gunpowder supplies to do so.
kiddos when they learn that they are going to the doc for a shot in fun
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this is a five year old meme... in any case, read the title.