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MagmaFury's new home. Legends never die. 89 endlings. Contact me on Insta: @The_Art_of_MagmaCat
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Do you guys want to play a game? Or just more of a “learn about me” type thing? in Furries-stream
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I like that idea, maybe 50% commissions for awhile, with a little game too? What sort of game would you like?
YES in Furries-stream
1 up, 17h
Yes! I’m really intrigued by different cultures and belief systems, and native tribes are so interesting! I love the concept of someone being bonded with a type of animal, it’s really beautiful. While I’m not a therian myself, I’ve got tons of respect for the community.
I have an Ao3, y’all should check it out if you like gay ghosts in Furries-stream
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I had the tuxedo cats too! Little orange cats as well if my memory serves me? I know I had some bunnies too, because I bought the little baby rabbits as add-ons.