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Sad Pablo Escobar in fun
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You probably wouldn't know about this but I'm leaving, which makes you owner of Filipino_Stream (even though no one even posts there anymore)

I added a guy named Fak_u_lol as mod, if he accepts mod, make him owner of the stream.

Take care of the stream for me, okay?
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Thanks so much
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Thank you.
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Sorry, I can't. The University of the Philippines is not easy to get into, a hundred thousand take the entrance exam and only a handful get chosen, and they only choose the best students. And besides, I just decided I'll keep the account undeleted for the memories. In hopes that people see it and remember the fun times they had with me.
E in Anime_Girls_Army
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I'm growing up too go***mn fast, and responsibilities are piling up. I'll have to start taking shit seriously because these years are important and pretty much determine if I'm gonna get into my dream college (or, since there's a new president where I live and there's a chance he'll get rid of the K-12 system, I'll probably be on my way to college immediately). And Imgflip's gotten a lot more boring since the site mods took over MSMG, it's just not the same anymore. The anime wars are pretty much over forever and it's not likely that the AAA would even attack the AGA anymore or another rogue weeaboo might cause stuff (I hope... but I'd probably be replaced anyways.)

I always knew this day would come eventually, no matter how much I tried to avoid it or hang on just a little longer, but it's inevitable. We'd all have to leave someday, and if you think you're gonna stay here forever and never leave until you f**king die, you're pretty go***mn miserable, there are so many other things you can do besides stay on this shithole site, like exercise, or studying, or focusing on the future. There's nothing to do here besides.. well, post shitty memes and stuff.

And I'll admit it, I had lots of fun with everyone here. But I guess that was all in vain. I'll remember you guys, all of you. And I hope you all have a great future outside of here.

And if you ever miss me, just remember that I'm somewhere, probably planning my grand escape to Florida, or hoping for Bong Bong Marcos' assassination, or making new shitty characters for a shitty little story, or writing a crappy song on my ukulele, or even just eating plain taco shells and Nutella. I'm on my way to someday becoming a writer, and many of you have helped a lot.

Thank you.

- (probably) Your favorite meme queen, writer, weeaboo, AGA General, local Asian, dishwasher, crackhead, and friend

Hannah Jemiah

- If you want, you can talk to me on discord instead.