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Pedophobic lmfao...... Pedos deserve nothing but to be behind bars in my opinion, they don't deserve anything good. Neither do the rapists or murderers, all that stuff is horrible. LGBTQ+ community deserves rights, they're not really doing anything wrong and it is not their choice, but, pedos.... sis, control those urges............................... rapists are absolute shit, and murderers, god no.

I am not adding this part for replies or people saying sorry, i am saying it to explain:
I am extremely against people who kill others, rapists, and pedos because I have been through all of that stuff. My dad was killed, and i was raped, by a pedo. Yes, the things are being legally dealt with.
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i mean i have been taller than my father since fourth grade and he was in his 40's then, (i am adopted,) and i was about 10 at that time
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It's not always broken when they say it is. I know people who work at a McDonald's and they said that their bosses told them they can just say it's broken if they don't want to make the ice cream. The workers are probably just being lazy half the time they say that it's broken.