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 So I never watched Spongebob because my mom banned it for being "too annoying" but I feel like it's a very important part of my generation's culture so I'm watching it now at 17. Observations:; I'm glad I grew up with Backyardigans and Peep&the Big Wide World and I wouldn't trade that for anything. But Spongebob is a good show! From the very little I knew about the show, I thought Mr. Krabbs was gonna be like a classic mean terrible boss, but I was super happy to know he and Spongebob actually have a super wholesome relationship!! :D; There are SO MANY MEMES. Honestly my favorite part of the show, spotting all the scenes that I've repeatedly seen as memes. | image tagged in blank white template,spongebob imagination | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
by anonymous
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oh no

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netflix be like

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Prolly my best meme ngl

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spongebob imagination

by anonymous
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spongebob imagination

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Spongebob imagination

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Ho-Ho-Ho Good Imagination Spongebob

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spongebob imagination

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Can I Have A Hug Imagination Spongebob

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