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racist | 1/9/2009; the man of racism; keter; dont let it see black ppl; "You are a ******************and a *** the   ******************** and *********** *****" 
-said by this man | image tagged in scp document | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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SCP-8190 File

SCP-8190 File | 4/7/2023; SCP-8190 also known as "The Red Cup"; Euclid; SCP 8190 was first discovered by my good friend Aliya. She spotted the SCP at a bench at the park while walking, she decided to sit down and think it was just a normal cup or is it.She feels a cold aura near the cup and decided to get closer, the closer she gets to the colder the cup is. And when she checked the cup, nothing was there but an ice cube, she threw it in the bin and walked away, the cup had something pured in by accident like some radioactive waste or something.. When sho looked back she was shocked to see 4 legs growing on the cup and teeth also gorwing, it crawled out of the bin to the nearby beach, crawling fast while burning. Aliya followed the cup to the beach full of people and saw something horrible.... The red cup is no longer an ordinary cup but a monster... 8 meters wide and about a kilometer tall.. The creature started too attack and kill the people at the beach and eating them.. 2 dozen of civilians died and it was a blood bath... She was gonna call the foundation but the SCP agents had been following her and was able to catch the creature by lighting it up with a flamethrower. Now in containment the creature turned into a normal cup but burnt. We realized its weakness is heat and it is weak and small when exposed to heat or recently burnt, and it absorbs cold aura to regen and speed up healing of its burnt parts. Making the creature big and strong. Sending it to antartica for testing was a bad idea as it grew a kilometer wide and 4 kilometers tall, it breached out 5 times but failed at the sixth one. This creature is now classified as keter and will now remain as a normal cup in heavy containment at site-22. Should be contained in heavy containment. | image tagged in scp document | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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She will have her pic in a few days

She will have her pic in a few days | lillith; unknown; Always take her toy teddy bear before midnight; shes 5 and she has a teddy she thinks is a real bear and if you don't take it away before midnight she will turn to a demon and eat everybody that does not have a teddy bear she believes that having a teddy will protect you and she gets mad when somebody doesn't have one. She will tear you in half and eat you shes kind and sweet before and after midnight but not midnight right on the dot. | image tagged in scp document | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
by anonymous
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SCP-4364 | scp-4364; Keter; scp-4364 cannot be contained since it is a hostile entity; scp-4364 is a event when people watch a nuclear bomb explode a random area it will choose its target and destroy it however it can replicate the instance of the bomb and could cause a k class scenario | image tagged in scp document | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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SCP 5678

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Wait, what?

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Second custom SCP

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Policepolpo Document

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SCP document

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