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MIBU: Disturbing Facts

MIBU: Disturbing Facts | MIBU: Disturbing Facts; A dog barks at you because it wants to protect their family. Your feet are bigger than your hands. We all have to die. It doesn't matter when and how. Your favorite youtuber will die soon. Some tumors can grow hair and teeth. One of your friends will betray you soon. A lot of McDonald's makes you die. Your pet will die soon. The original music to this phase is called "Siberia H*ll Sounds."; It is actually scarier to look at the bug's face closely than any another animal's face. The original music to this phase is called "Green Hill Zone," which is from Sonic.exe. Speaking of Sonic.exe, that game was originally made by a ped***ile. You might get a stroke or a seizure at any time or at any day. Someday, one of your family members will die. You walk past 1-3 killers everyday. Some people are into foot fe**sh because they think that feet are s**y. Speaking of fe**shes, mukbang can also relate to as a fe**sh. Someone will die by a killer in the city you live in without even knowing it. Soon, your boyfriend or girlfriend will break up with you. If the sun explodes, we wouldn't know it for 8 minutes and there's nothing you or the earth can do about it. Kirby, a video game character created by Nintendo, actually has PTSD. Scopophobia is the fear of being watched. Thalassophobia is the fear of deep water. | image tagged in mr incredible becoming uncanny extended hd,memes,disturbing,facts | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Disturbing facts 6 (Credits to extrathiccink in the comments)

Disturbing facts 6 (Credits to extrathiccink in the comments) | Disturbing facts 6; I am back with some disturbing facts; If you go to North Korea from the South, you won't escape; North Korea has its own social media that has propaganda; The death penalty of the United States of America is hanging yourself; In El Salvador, there are too many gangs and violence occurring in this country; The country of Jordan has banned Halloween and the celebrations; Christmas will be celebrated until January 6th in Russia; We will never know Mr Bean's full name; In the year of 1644, England (United Kingdom) has banned Christmas; By reversing "Song of Healing" by Majora's Mask, it sounds like the song "Song of Unhealing"; You can hear a shotgun before phase 9 begins; Boomerang (owned by Cartoon Network) is now gone, you'll be missed! In this phase, the images appearing in the mouth are Bob Eyes; Once you watch "When you wish upon a fish" by Baby Shark's Big Show, you'll be disappointed because you haven't made a wish; Baby Shark has over 11 billion views, and the world has 8 billion people; Many people are watching the same thing, everyday; MrDweller has lied of his country, it says he lives in the United States, when in reality he lives in Russia; MrDweller has also killed the slander memes; What if Jesus himself was never resurrected? Originally, Coca-cola was green; Kenya has banned The Loud House due to Clyde's parents, they're two married dads! One time, a boy found a tooth growing on his foot; Animal abuse is legal in Chile! (Credits to extrathiccink for this fact) | image tagged in mr incredible becoming uncanny extended hd,memes,disturbing,facts,funny,mr incredible becoming uncanny | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Spoiler Ahead

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Fun Facts with Squidward #2

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Welcome to today

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Uhhh cursed finding Nemo?

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Disturbing facts 7 (Bluey Edition)

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