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If you don't like fnaf or the fandom then just leave the people in this stream alone. Now for the people who are still reading this, hello! This stream is all about fnaf (memes and stuff like that). There is some rules so please read and follow them before posting anything. GOODBYE MATPAT WE’LL MISS YOU 😭😭😭 ban appeals are here!

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Funtime Freddy

Funtime Freddy | GOJIAFTON1954 ANNOUNCEMENT TEMPLATE; HEY BON BON GO G-GETTEM! MOOD:; OK; LISTENING TO:SALVAGED RAGE; ANNOUNCEMENT:; SAY HELLO TO MY FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT TEMPLATE THING! | image tagged in funtime freddy,fnaf,announcement,say hello,do it | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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