This is a stream I made dedicated to myself. Users on this stream can post just about anything. Unlimited posts!!! Just refrain from making harassment posts. If you want to be moderator on this stream, you can ask me and I will see what I can do. Me: sips tea Now, that's quite refreshing.
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My best imgflip buddies; My announcement

My best imgflip buddies; My announcement |  09/13/2020; My best buddies on imgflip; MemoriesOfChurch, Ship-Shap, Izebrarose9, Arctic Creeper, Spire, LilFlamy, HTFViber, GirlofRays, GirlOfShadows, and the ones who are really genuine to me. I'm thinking about taking a short break on imgflip sometime soon. If I do take a short break, I will mostly be on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I will be on Discord more often. I will announce when that will happen. Right now, I am staying on here. | image tagged in blank hot pink background,memes,meme,imgflip users,imgflip user,announcement | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Gotten a lot of points in a short time nice job

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Third World Success Kid

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I just reached 850000 points.

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Satisfied Seal

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