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Welcome to the amazing digital Circus!! This stream is for all your wacky crazy and understandingly insane TADC memes/fanart/roleplays!! With all your favorite characters, Ragatha, Kinger, Jax, Caine, Bubble, Gangle, Zooble, and K@UF^^0 Don't forget our newest friend!: Pomni! Make sure to mark any inappropriate images NSFW! We want this stream here for all ages! Thank you and enjoy the stream! (IF NEEDED CONTACT THE OWNERS: Vanny_The_Bunny & .Lefte_The_Lefty.
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probably true im sorry not sorry

probably true im sorry not sorry | Americans: Europeans are so crazy; Also Americans when they get 75% on a test: | image tagged in pomni's beautiful pained smile | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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