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Memes about swords and the use of them, or martial arts in general (preferably European). Throwing pommels encouraged, if you want to end them rightly. Yelling, "MACHICOLATIONS!!!!!¡¡¡!!!¡!¡!!!" even more so. Make sure everything is in it's proper context (only true swordsmen will get that one). Spam R1 when needed.
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So, am I still a HEMA practitioner?

So, am I still a HEMA practitioner? | BRITISH MILITARY SABRE; GERMAN LONGSWORD; SPADONE; STUFF FROM MOVIE CHOREOGRAPHY; FIORE; SOMETHING I READ IN A BOOK SOMEWHERE; CRAP I MADE UP; MY SWORDFIGHTING STYLE; heck is this? | image tagged in what the hell is this,hema,swords | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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meem loerd

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