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-Tip of yellow stream.

-Tip of yellow stream. |  -TO CARRY WITH YOURSELF AN EMPTY PLASTIC BOTTLE IS ALLOW YOU TO AVOID HUGE FINE PAYED FOR POLICE IN CASE OF NEEDING TO DO PEE WHILE RIDING PUBLIC TRANSPORT: JUST DROP URINE THERE DEVICE'S THROAT. | image tagged in the real scroll of truth,this is not fine,empty,water bottle,public transport,police chasing guy | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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-Value the risks.

-Value the risks. |  DAT WHILE RIDING PUBLIC TRANSPORT WAY OF TRAVELING, THEE ARE COULD BE TOUCHED OVER SEXUAL ZONES BY UNKNOWN PERSON, DROPPED DOWN ON FLOOR WITH SMASHED FACE AT UNAWAITED BUS HAS STOPPED & SIMPLY GONE WRONG ROUTE DIRECTION? -WHAT IF I TOLD YOU | image tagged in acid kicks in morpheus,public transport,risk,what if i told you,sexual harassment,in your face | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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-Nasty happen.


-Paint for grey.


Bikes !

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-Traffic jam.

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-Foolish in eyes of socius.

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-Be careful.

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I liked some of this bike

by anonymous
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