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 PRINCESS REBECCA [Part 2] Jesus unexpectedly came to rescue us, and right now this universe-owning Prince is building palaces, eagerly waiting for the day when His Father tells Him to come back to the air above our world, catch all us royal Christians up to meet Him there, and whisk us away to be in heaven with Him. Christ will be coming for every Christian—all His princely people. And our titles are not just for gaining entrance into heaven’s royal balls and buffets; we are set to rule and reign with Jesus on earth and in the heavens, living lovingly, peacefully, and joyfully ever after, forever, and ever, and ever. When I began to explain all this to Rebecca, her eyes light up like I had not seen before—she got it! I said something like: "Rebecca, that is what’s so cool about being a Christian. The world only 
offers make-believe stories of unattainable lives in non-existent 
lands. But with Jesus, you truly are Princess Rebecca!”; I think these nobility stories are constantly inspired into so much of mankind because we inwardly know this earthly life goes by in flash, and we immortals have an eternity coming—that is meant to be spent in God’s kingdom. Whether we acknowledge His sovereignty or not, He has put it on our hearts. However, this regal future can be squandered by those too self-absorbed to want a relationship with their Creator—the same issue Satan had that led to the devil’s creation of sin, the first sins. But our glorious, princely position is real and every Christian has it—right now! The next stop is Jesus coming to get us, escorting His people to His heavenly kingdom where we will spend years at a massive victory celebration with God, after which we fellow princes and princesses 
will ride back to earth with Jesus, where we will rule and reign with 
Him in His Millennial Kingdom. After those thousand years spent 
watching over the earth with God, He will create new heavens 
and a new earth—a new, sinless creation! So, that’s who we 
are, Christian princes and princesses. It is our destiny! | image tagged in princess,prince,christian,jesus,god,kingdom | made w/ Imgflip meme maker