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You're being bigoted, not inclusive. | image tagged in memes,double standards,anti-religion,religion,confused muslim girl,nun | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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I could argue that one is by choice and . . . but , neither one bothers me
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The same goes if you switch the two pics.
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Not sure about that.

Being a nun and wearing the wimple is a choice. Wearing the hijab is enforced on pain of violence and threat of damnation.

The religion of the nun also doesn't encourage suicide or murdering non-believers.
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Not all Muslim women who wear hijab are being forced to wear it with threat of violence if they don't. In a totalitarian theocracy, women are forced to wear it but in the west, a Muslim woman can wear or refuse to wear it as they please. Even Donald Trump doesn't assume all Muslim women, he actually defended burqa and pointed out it's easier than putting make up on.
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Yes, but the forcefulness and punishments are in line with Islam's teachings (like Taqiyya, the Islamic teaching permitting Muslims to lie to non-Muslims).
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One is enforced. Don't comply and you will be stoned to death and beyond.
The other is a choice. Don't choose the path and you're excluded from the club. But you can live a normal life otherwise.

Guess which is which.
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    You're being bigoted, not inclusive.