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Untitled Image in politics
0 ups, 1mo
Yes, but the forcefulness and punishments are in line with Islam's teachings (like Taqiyya, the Islamic teaching permitting Muslims to lie to non-Muslims).
Your landlord is like a mini Klaus Schwab in politics
0 ups, 1mo
Almost, but not quite. Your landlord doesn't control what you eat.
Untitled Image in politics
0 ups, 1mo
Not sure about that.

Being a nun and wearing the wimple is a choice. Wearing the hijab is enforced on pain of violence and threat of damnation.

The religion of the nun also doesn't encourage suicide or murdering non-believers.
What makes people atheists? It's not facts, logic, reason or evidence. in politics
0 ups, 2mo
1) So that doesn't do anything for either of us.
2) You can't genocide your own people without ending yourself too. The fact that you had to say the Turkic and Sinitic broke off when citing the Uyghurs disproves what you tried to say about the Caananites.
3) I do agree with your take on the Qu'ran (thank God most Muslims live better lives than their prophet did). My point was you singled out Christianity, and you just admitted to that. That is why I called you out. And you only said those things after being called out repeatedly. You might want to do some introspection about your prejudices.
What makes people atheists? It's not facts, logic, reason or evidence. in politics
0 ups, 2mo
1) I don't see how it doesn't make you wrong either.
2) We're all sinners. And while they had Canaanite ancestors, they broke off and became their own group. Plus, that undermines the "genocide" claim.
3) Your inaccurate depiction of those situations aside, you know a lot of those things you criticize are also in Jewish holy book? But I don't see you calling out the Talmud or Jews. Still singling out us Christians and the Bible.