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"Does it hurt?" "Every time." *schlick* #permavirgin in fun
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Apart from you and me having too much time on our hands, this question suits X-23/Laura Kinney better.
Untitled Image in politics
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I don't think so. While it wouldn't surprise me, I'd need strong evidence before taking that bet.
I'd vote for the one NOT turning a blind eye to leftist terrorism #Trump2020 in politics
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Citation needed about your claims on the "origins" of Antifa. Also, nothing to say about the treason with CHAZ?

The number of people involved in the Capitol Hill Riot were the low thousands tops (654 have been charged thus far). 74+ million people voted for Trump (close to the 81+ million who voted for Biden).

Even if 5,000 Trump supporters were involved in that riot, less than 0.01% of Trump supporters rioted, and over 99% of Trump's supporters in the U.S. responded peacefully to Trump's defeat in the election.

The BLM riots don't get excused because they have a good cause to hide behind. If someone from BLM and a far-right person both burn down my home and business then shoot me, I don't care which of them has the less bad ideology.

Capitol Hill Rioters were shot too, they just didn't have the ideological or media sympathy BLM has.

There was police and military opposition to the Capitol Hill rioters too.
Crusaders haven't existed for over 600 years. Jihadis are currently staging a coup. So why's everyone picking on Crusaders? in politics
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You're right. The point of this meme is to criticize people who still go on about them, use them tar all Christians with the same brush or use them as a symbol or byword for religious extremism.
I'd vote for the one NOT turning a blind eye to leftist terrorism #Trump2020 in politics
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This post predates Jan 6, and they were a fraction of Trumpers (it was a close election). Now were you awake during 2020 the George Floyd Riots, the CHAZ treason in Seattle or any other riots by left-wing ideologues including wolves in sheep's clothing like BLM and Antifa?