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Covid lies are back again

Covid lies are back again | STILL UNVAXXED AND UNBOOSTED; I WILL NOT COMPLY | image tagged in popcorn sutton,lets go,brandon,media lies,liberal,propaganda | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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A feller i worked with said he wasn't gettin' no vax when the job said get it or get gone.

He swore to be damned he wasn't taking it for the months leading up to the deadline.

I said "people always talk tough until the time gets here. You will fold when it comes down to it."

He was mad enough to spit fire. Got red and shouted "I ain't a gettin' it!".

I said, "we'll see brother".

He replied, "yeah we will. You said you ain't gettin' it. You'll fold at the last minute yer damn self! You said everybody does"

I laughed, "I am the one that will not."

A few days before the deadline I put a band-aid on my upper arm and walked around rubbing my arm and complaining about it hurting to everybody.

Word spread and ol boy there started acting real smug but said nothing about me getting vaxxed.

The deadline came...guess who was at work the next day. That same feller. When he saw me he just looked at the floor and began muttering about having been there almost 20 years and what not.

I said, "you don't have to explain to me. Everybody rationalizes it to themselves before giving in and joining the herd. I knew you'd be at work today."

Then he got a big grin on his face and said, "you got the shot before I did, everybody was talkin about it! You folded! You folded! You came to work today too!"

I grinned like a possum and replied, "I didn't get that shit. I'm just here to turn in my gear and pick up my personal effects, ol son."

He hung his head. I told him he shouldn't oughta ashamed, he did what he thought was in his best interests. Then I left.

1 year later I got an invite to return to my previous position and that the vax was no longer required.

I declined but regret doing so. I should have reported for at least one day to see that feller's face! 😄

A lot of people are mad as hell they got the shot against their wishes in order to keep their job only to have the mandate repealed a year later.

I had told them if we all say no and hold firm til the deadline we can quash the mandate. But, alas, they did not.

It Is what it is.
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Nah, I knew a guy that just told his boss which lawyers he had lined up for lawsuits after he got fired and his boss never said another word about it.
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Must have been a small company.
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The thing is, you don't sue the company. You sue your boss personally.
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What are you suing your boss personally for, informing you of the company's mandate?
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Vaccinated citizens should only be permitted to have relations with Males.
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You'll get that Herman Cain award you so desperately want, I believe in you.
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You also should know red states were the only ones following the directions on administering the shots too. You know the part about putting the bottle back in the sub zero freezer and getting a different bottle for the next shot.
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...And he's only 23!
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