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Follow The Money $$$$

Follow The Money $$$$ | RFK Jr:; Pharma Makes $60 Billion/Yr 
From Vaccines, $500 B Selling 
Remedies for VAXXX Injuries | image tagged in politics,rfk jr,vaccines,the truth,injuries,big pharma | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Abc | Sensors vax opposition of RFK  even though questions about serious side effects & actual effectiveness are hidden | image tagged in abc | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Debate is now harmful
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It's like poisoning someone and holding the antidote for ransom. 🤨
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It is almost like they care more about money than helping people.
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They do care more about the $$$. That is one thing I like about RFK Jr....he doesn't mince words and has been very vocal on how the jab is dangerous and the victims are numerous. I in no way will vote for ANY Democrat, but I respect him for his stance and honesty re the jab.
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He seems to be an honest man in a den of thieves, although I will never trust anyone that choices politics as a career.
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His family was the first presidential victim of a CIA Op
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Yes, Bluessol, very sad! It is hard to grasp how far our CIA & FBI have fallen over recent years along with the DOJ (and Democrats, of course). It is also hard to believe how many people appear to be clueless to it all or else they just don't care. Kinda like the denial of the truth even when people have been irreparably harmed or lost their lives.
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Now they have moved into open arrogance without fear of accountability. They need to be closed down and start over but not while this administration is in office.
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    RFK Jr:; Pharma Makes $60 Billion/Yr From Vaccines, $500 B Selling Remedies for VAXXX Injuries