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Can someone please tell me how to stop building shelves?
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Fric I restarted the USSR again
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They made an actual game called I accidentally restarted the USSR you know right
6 ups, 5mo
Damn it, I hate it when I accidentally join the Russian mafia or restart the ussr
6 ups, 5mo
Sh*t i just fed master yi
5 ups, 5mo
U did it on accident?! Normaly i do it on purpose
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There are no accidents | image tagged in there are no accidents | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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The other possible searches tho
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oh shit, I joined the russian mafia on accident
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Did you put their brains in a jar remotely linked to a cybernetic body to be child soldiers that can live indefinitely?
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Don't you hate it when you join the russian mafia and feed Master Yi??
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ignoring last 2? aight.
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