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It was nice knowing y’all<3 // If you wanna keep in contact with me:
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If anyone still here even remembers me in LGBTQ
1 up, 9mo
I’ve been alright, been focusing on my passion for writing:) it has been a hot minute Iol
If anyone still here even remembers me in LGBTQ
1 up, 9mo
I just barely use imgflip anymore and I meant to make this announcement months ago oops
(this is why you don’t procrastinate kids)

I just wanna say a giant thank you to all the kind and supportive people I met here<3 (even if they’re gone)
Names and age and stuff in the comments in Gacha_OCs
0 ups, 11mo
I love their designs they are just so, *screams*

Also quick question for the both of them:
Why haven’t they made friendship bracelets yet? They are missing the most important part of friendship, making crappy bracelets together and keeping as a reminder of their fun times
also my friend’s gacha keeps resetting entirely in Gacha_OCs
0 ups, 11mo
If you’re using an IOS device, it’s because of the new ‘update’ that screwed up importing and exporting stuff. I saw on YouTube that someone watched an ad before exiting the app and then it saved their oc’s, but I’m not sure if that’s true. It’s probably going to be like this for a month or so.
Another random quick design in Gacha_OCs
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They just look like the living embodiment of fall-