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Hypocrisy Exposed Via 'thebradfordfile'

Hypocrisy Exposed Via 'thebradfordfile' | Never forget: Democrats cheered 
rioters for eight months before they 
were 'outraged' by January 6th . . . | image tagged in politics,liberal hypocrisy,blm,riots,the truth,jan 6th | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Up-voted. Yep and for all of the leftist-loyal legacy media's hype of January 6th for the entire first year of Biden's presidency now 90% of republicans -- and not just conservatives -- support Donald Trump whereas even among Dem Party voters, Biden's polling numbers are still dropping like a rock.

What this means is that the average citizen IS seeing through the Left's increasingly insane political propaganda efforts.
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4 ups, 2y
Mel Gibson and Jesus Christ | DEMOCRATS FOAMING AT THE MOUTH OVER JANUARY 6 "RIOT" 100 CONSECUTIVE NIGHTS OF FIERY RIOTS, LOOTING AND ARSON, AND LET'S NOT FORGET CHOP | image tagged in mel gibson and jesus christ | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Nancy pelosi | BUT WE CAN KEEP BANGING THIS DRUM LIKE WE DID THE RUSSIA HOAX | image tagged in nancy pelosi | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Mid terms are coming up. They have to do something to take the attention off their myriad failures
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because according to them, it's okay to commit mass arson and kill uninvolved police officers, but if a few people show up at the capitol they lose their minds. they used to be one of the most reliable political parties in america, now look at them.
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This is the point they who cheered leftist riots will deflect from every time. They assume themselves the judges of all that is virtuous, even when those leftist riots proved fatal.
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Never forget: Democrats cheered rioters for eight months before they were 'outraged' by January 6th . . .