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Should Jeff Bezos Be Cancelled Like Mike Lindell?

Should Jeff Bezos Be Cancelled Like Mike Lindell? | image tagged in jeff bezos,arrogant rich man,amazon,mike lindell,pillow,fight | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Lol, did you hear Amazon tried to block mail in voting for a union vote in one of its distribution centers. Bwahahahahaha.
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Did Jeff Bezos just say:
"Mail ballots for thee, but NOT FOR MY COMPANY" ?

Amazon seeks to block workers from voting by mail in landmark union drive

5,000 workers in Bessemer, Alabama, to vote in landmark effort
Mail ballots used in similar votes because of coronavirus

Amazon is attempting to force workers planning to unionize at an Alabama warehouse to vote in person rather than by mail as it fights off a landmark attempt by its staff to organize.

The company is appealing against a ruling by a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) officer to permit 5,800 employees at Amazon’s warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama, to begin casting ballots by mail to be represented by the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union.

The NLRB, the federal agency responsible for enforcing US labor law, favors manual elections but has moved to supporting mail-in ballots during the coronavirus pandemic. Between March and November 2020, 90% of union election representation cases presided by the NLRB were conducted by mail rather than in-person.
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More on the Pillow Fight:

Leftists may criticize what they consider to be "Capitalism", but they are quite happy to take capitalistic money when it goes into THEIR pockets.

While MyPillow has been politically cancelled by others, will gladly take your money to buy a MyPillow, in fact some pillows are on backorder!

Amazon listing at the time of this post:

MyPillow Classic Bed Pillow

Could Billionaire Bezos be doing this FOR THE MONEY? Or is he showing us that he's a champion of free speech?


This just in:

How Amazon supports their non-union workers by giving them 10 hour shifts - whether they want them or not.

Please note that the stories below *aren't* from Fox News or the Gateway Pundit:

Amazon Is Forcing Its Warehouse Workers Into Brutal ‘Megacycle’ Shifts

The company has been quietly transitioning warehouse workers at Amazon warehouses nationwide to a 10-hour graveyard shift, known as the "megacycle."


Amazon workers claim the company is forcing them to work grueling 10-hour shifts



(unless, ya know, you got Amazon Prime and you gotta have that...)


Remember the 8 hour work day?

That's so 20th century!

Eight-hour day

The United States Adamson Act in 1916 established an eight-hour day, with additional pay for overtime, for railroad workers. This was the first federal law that regulated the hours of workers in private companies.

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Hahahaha keep voting Democrat slaves. Bozos bought off the people who could help you, so they won’t.
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I have the urge to by all my family members my pillows.
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