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When J. Edgar Hoover Wore A Dress in Real_Politics
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When J. Edgar Hoover Wore a Dress

The CD is out of stock at Walmart, but still available at Amazon:

When J. Edgar Hoover Wore a Dress

Amazon review:


5.0 out of 5 stars Bob's absolute best album!
January 5, 2009

Bob Pyle's new CD is called "When J. Edgar Hoover Wore A Dress". It contains 12 original songs, done in his signature offbeat style, blending elements of old time string-band music into a modern sound. The title song, "When J. Edgar Hoover Wore A Dress" is a humorous novelty song. It takes a look at former FBI director J Edgar Hoover's hypocritical fondness for social deviance. This song was inspired by the book "The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover" by Anthony Summers. There are eleven other catchy, up-tempo songs on the CD that will keep your toes tapping.
Yeah, you know they are. in Real_Politics
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Mask wearing is now Value Signalling!
The Latest From Drudge! in Real_Politics
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I don't watch CNN much and I couldn't remember Brian Stelter's name. However, when I Googled "fat CNN host" this was the first item listed:

Tucker Carlson accused of ‘fat-shaming’ CNN’s Brian Stelter with doughnut prank
March 24, 2019

Has Tucker Carlson started a campaign to sugar-shame Brian Stelter? On Friday, Carlson’s own Daily Caller website reported that the Fox News personality had sent an unsolicited box of doughnuts to CNN media correspondent and “Reliable Sources” host Stelter...