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When something is designed to do something, and it fails at doing it, they call that "Failure of essential purpose" in politics
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Re: they are not nearly as effective at stopping the spread as was first advertised...

Every year we hear "Get a flu shot!"

Every year we see that "It only worked xx% of the time for us, but it worked 100% of the time for Big Pharma profits."
Joe Biden: Surge The Border! Surge The Covid! in politics
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So you went there, eh?

Untitled Image in fun
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Lemme see, I'm just guessing here: "I left my Poop in San Francisco" ?
Nazi is as Nazi does in politics
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‘Doses to doors’ vaccine campaign launched in North Carolina

MECKLENBURG COUNTY, North Carolina (WJW) — Public health officials in North Carolina are bringing doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to the doors of residents in a campaign they are calling “Doses to Doors.”

According to Mecklenburg County’s website, the public health department is offering COVID-19 vaccinations on demand in neighborhoods across the county and residents should be on the lookout for the mobile vaccination unit.


See also this meme by which inspired my meme: