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Michigan Supreme Court Rules Against Governor Whitmer - Again in politics
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OP comment:
Just found this Branco.
(posted on Reddit, five months ago)

More Brancos:
Sell your info to highest bidder in politics
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First, they came for Alex Jones...
Always Has Been in politics
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You mean like the Viking raiders, the "undocumented immigrants" of their day?

Will they be getting a coin, too?
The Little MacShop That Could, Get Hunter Biden In Big Trouble! in politics
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That's the actual Mac Shop in Trolley Square, Wilmington, Delaware.

The shop gets very good reviews on Google, but has been attacked by liberals on Yelp.

Yelp has responded with an "Unusual Activity Alert":

"we’ve temporarily disabled the posting of content to this page as we work to investigate the content you see here reflects actual consumer experiences"

Evidently Jeff from LA posted this "review" before posting was halted:
(hopefully still there when you read this)

"Walking into the store I was a little taken about, which gave me pause. It was a dingy and dilapidated, with dudes speaking in hushed tones in what sounded like Russian accents..."

Jeff even posted a picture of a laptop hard drive labeled "hunter".

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