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Somebody needs to do something with our media. They have been race baiting and helping to divide the nation for too long.
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The media is definitely a huge part of what is dividing this nation. But, the way to fix bad speech and practices is with more speech. The problem is that only *one* side of the media is given a voice and space to speak. I absolutely do not trust what the government would do with controlling the media. Leave the media alone and free them up even more to have a correcting and balancing environment.
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Shall make no laws. She can shove it.
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Guess I'll die  | image tagged in guess i'll die | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
i mean Republicans are getting more into speech regulation than ever before; DJT himself threatened to sue newspapers and is without doubt the most press-hostile President ever; his supporters at the Capitol Hill riot went on a literal manhunt for CNN reporters, etc. etc.

if you wanna talk about press freedom let's start there
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Trump is gone. AOC is currently in Congress and saying this ridiculousness, so she is the one I currently hold responsible for being unconstitutional.
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I'm fine starting anywhere. I don't like Trump. I also don't like AOC.
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