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Haha! I’m Timber1972!! Go to hell you guys! EmergencyAuxillaryAccount and I_LOVE_TRUMP are my socks! Suck on THAT!

Haha! I’m Timber1972!! Go to hell you guys! EmergencyAuxillaryAccount and I_LOVE_TRUMP are my socks! Suck on THAT! | image tagged in cat,trust no one,imgflip,timber1972 | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
418 views 13 upvotes Made by I_LOVE_TRUMP 4 years ago in politicsTOO
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Bye bye butterfree | image tagged in bye bye butterfree | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Your memes are clever, your commentary was heated at times but not really any worse than the politics instigators. Seems the Mods were pretty quick to pull out the banhammer with you when they’ve let a toxic culture on that stream (promoted primarily by righties, let’s be honest) fester for a long, long time.

I do generally support the Mods’ newfound enthusiasm for cleaning up ImgFlip’s act, even if we’ll inevitably disagree with some of their decisions.

However, I find the lack of detailed explanations when issuing out the ultimate penalty of an account deletion rather disturbing. We need clearer guidelines spelled out in the TOS for what exactly could subject an account to deletion, and then detailed evidence of those violations should be given to the memer. If it would be possible for the memer to return to the site with a change in behavior, that invitation should also be extended.

Tl;dr We’ll miss you.
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Thanks for your kind words...dang, curse at me next time as to make my farewell easier. ;-)

Yes, the moderation of imgflip leaves a lot to desire. When I was a mod I had usually given warnings before I took action if necessary (except for really ugly posts which required immediate response). Worked most of the time for all involved, and complaints about my way of dealing with TOS violators were a rarity.

Sounds like a revenge thing (and to a certain extent, it is) but if you can do anything, try to make sure that KtG is stripped of any moderator rights. He/she/it was the only one who had contacted me prior to the deletion of my account and complained about me having flagged the posts of T1972 in that infamous meme (I think I don't have to point out that they all were TOS violations...). And I had flagged the subsequent posts of T1972 too which may have made KtG first slapping a ban on me before the acc deletion.
Apart from this, KtG lacks apparently the technical knowledge since he/she/it had really asked me for a link to my harddrive...

If it is possible, let me know if others (especially the usual sus from poolitics) had been hit with the banhammer too. No, I'm not going to make myself the joke of the universe by even threatening with suing imgflip, I just want to satisfy my curiousity.

About my harshness regarding child porn: I know from own experience how it's like to be sexually abused. I could have mentioned it when confronting that fcukstick but with the knowledge that all the other shitheads of poolitics would happily use it against me I kept silent.

Okay, I'm still around for a while so we can continue the convo for a bit if you like.
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I am the only one who bans major accounts. It's actually a major pain in my ass because I have to read through hundreds of comments, moderations, and images, and often run database aggregation queries to determine whether the community as a whole also wanted someone out (flags, downvotes, blocks, etc.).

Banning accounts is a shitty solution for everyone involved. We need better ideas for keeping Imgflip's commentary civil while also not requiring constant baby-sitting and punishment for bad behavior. No one likes getting punished.
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I have some bad news for you: running a forum requires CONSTANT babysitting. I'm speaking of experience here since I had been a mod in other forums. And no, I wasn't thrown out, I had resigned voluntarily and with a single exception always on good terms.

It's you and the majority of "mods" who are doing a shitty job here - pardon my French, but I prefer to name the truth as it is.
Just a few hours ago I had read a comment about "gallows which needs to be dusted off" over at poolitics (no misspelling), and i'm pretty sure that neither the publisher nor all its sycophantsmneant to execute real felons but "libtards". I could have flagged dozens of "comments" daily - not out of disagreement but simply for violations of the TOS. Like the gallows comment.

And when you had followed this convo you also have noticed about your blunder with that asshat who really had the nerve to upload a picture which is clearly childporn. Whoever it was didn't banned that user nor contacted the authorities, but just marked it as NSFW. Well, since you are the main mod you are also blamable for this incident.

Now, you are searching for ways of improving the forums of imgflip. The solution is pretty easy:
first, kick out the most inept and biased mods who had turned a blind eye towards violations of the TOS, namely Kate_the_Grate, Olympian_Product and Andrew_Finlayson. Second, kick out all the dillweeds which are violating the TOS repeatedly. Like Bluessol, lokiare and everyone else featuring a "President_elect" in their username. Once again, not because of disagreement but for the violations of the TOS. Third, look out for better mods.

Or fourth: throw the whole TOS in the bin and make the whole forum a free-for-all. I don't have to tell you about the legal consequences, although I'm frankly surprised that with all the shit being posted at poolitics this site is still online.

You wanted suggestions. These are mine. Consider them before banning or kicking me out.
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And BOOM! A biased and inept "mod" failed again:
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Wizard of Oz Exposed | Acuity12 | image tagged in wizard of oz exposed | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Thanks for stopping by to give us a “peek behind the curtain” as it were.

I’d caution a little skepticism toward the database aggregation at least when it comes to political commenters. In the politics stream, liberal comments are often downvoted no matter how witty, informed, or respectful. While conservative comments are often upvoted no matter how inane, off-base, or abusive.

In that stream, Republicans are the Empire and Democrats are the guerrilla army of Rebels. We punch above our weight, I think, but the numbers don’t lie. Republican memes/memers are more popular and it’s not even close.

Those of us liberals brave enough to go in know what we’re getting into. And we do it anyway because our future is too important not to care about — and because talking to the other side is the only way we’ll still have a country.
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Very well put - as always, Kamikaze.

Besides, the database isn't telling the whole story - like me having criticized the conmemoration of a dead soldier as a simple and easy to see through political plot which led to Besides #2 - the numbers of unveiled insults and threats against me did not appear in the database since I know it's futile to flag them thanks to the aforementioned "mods".
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Knowing that the global Mods take a look at aggregated flags and downvotes when making consequential decisions: yeah, I’ll start doing that more.

I agree, I rarely/never flag stuff that ought to be flagged out of a sense of resignation that those in charge won’t act. And I don’t downvote stupid conservative comments since it’s just a waste of time lol.

But yeah, if you looked at my account with that kind of analysis I’m pretty sure I’d turn up as one of the most despised memers ever. You’d have to look at my comments themselves to know that I did nothing to earn those flags and downvotes other than the crime of being a liberal in the politics stream.
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Experiences with abuse can either be internalized, making one think trump is some kind of legitimate authority and role model, or they can be accepted for what they were, making one more capable of recognizing liars, abusers, and predators like trump.
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Well then, a kiss-off like this should help ;)
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Ah, that's more like it. ;-)
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Yeah, don’t get me started on KTG. As just one example, she unfeatured this tongue-in-cheek meme of mine just this morning with no explanation other than a sarcastic “come on man”:

(To which I obviously retort: Come on, man!)

But permits this entire stream of sexist, misogynistic slime and rather obvious harassment against a celebrity and myself as an ImgFlipper who likes to meme that celebrity

I hope that stream and the other spin-offs like it (yeah, there are more) eventually get scrubbed; in the meantime, it just serves as handy evidence of this crew’s hatefulness and hypocrisy.

Stay or go, it’s all up to you. You could consider that account a sacrificial lamb that allows the Mods to say: “hey, we ban liberals too!” whenever they have to justify their next modding decision to a “free-speech absolutist” Trumpie.

With this account, you can make your points vigorously but respectfully like I try to do.
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To be fair it looks like there’s some nip action in that pic. 🔍 might be needed. Lol
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Actually, I missed it. I’m usually getting grub as I’ve never really been a fan of these half-time shows.
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I didn’t really see it.

I thought it was the use of the word “hillbilly” which can be derogatory but I didn’t mean it that way and I hope it doesn’t come across that way. Her mod note doesn’t really say.
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Type “hillbilly” in “search all memes” and see what pops up. Nothing should if its really derogatory. Yeah, not much of an explanation.
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What a KúnTG. To use typical Trumpturd phraseology "there's a lot of womb cancer in order".

Yeah, seems like it was that KúnTG who kicked me since the usual suspects are still spewing lies and hateful shit. Makes me think about pulling a Trump and refuse acceptance of defeat, but if I do I'm going to let some grass grow over it first.

If, I think you are going to recognize me when I'm back. ;-)
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TY, man.
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KtG just contacted me...she didn't delete my account.

Sure. And golden apes are flying out of my sphincter.
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Hi's me, the banned account formerly known as EmergencyAuxillaryAccount.

Yep, someone at imgflip had decided to kick me out for violating the TOS (not that they had told me in specific, that's beneath their dignity). And yes, I'm guilty, there's no need to debate about it. I could put up a fight and register myself with a number of accounts, playing cat and mouse...but in this case, I would be the mouse in a house full of cats. Apart from the shitty odds I don't put up with bullshit more than necessary.

I had enjoyed the discussions and the fun shared with you here at politicsTOO. I even had enjoyed the, umm, "conversations" on poolitics up to a certain extent since all of this gave me some valuable insights into the minds of people. And creating memes with the limited toolset imgflip is offering was a challenging task but I can say without false modesty that I had sometimes surprised myself.

Unfortunately (for you? don't know) I do also have to drop a few bitter lines.
The most bitter is: trust no one. You simply can't tell with a highly anonymized place like this who is with you, who is against you...and who might only pretend to be with you just to stab you in the back when the opportunity occurs.
I know that poolitics is a highly toxic place, I had expected nothing else since real life politics is not differing that much.

To my surprise, I have to admit that Timber1972 made some good points about the bad moderation of this place, and if that user had not been a psycho I might have supperted him/her/whatever.
Not only that a number of moderators are heavily biased, they simply had misused their powers given to support their POV. Bias is okay unless it becomes unfairness when being in this position - example: when someone is posting some shit a la "I've fcuked your mom", I respond with "fcuk you" and find myself with a 24h ban slapped on me while the insulter can keep on it's definitely unfair.
I don't know if the owners of imgflip are really aware of what is going on, but they should be since they are also liable for certain content posted, no matter of any disclaimers.

Like children pornography. The biggest blunder of imgflip and the most repulsive fail of every mod who had noticed the flag but decided to do nothing about it. With an extra big "fcuk you, hope you will...

Unless Trump, I concede defeat. imgflip is definitely not something to hang my heart on, and I guess I will survive the depart without suffering too much pain.
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Thanks...well, I wanted to take a break from imgflip anyway but had no intentions to make it a permanent one.
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This is pretty much me right now. I don’t know what the hell is going on and if I’m being totally honest, I never made the connection between EAC and catdad. For that I apologize.

If my two cents are worth anything other than two cents, I’d recommend not going anywhere, a rose by any other name and all that jazz.

I’ve never personally had any problems with the mods (other than perhaps the lack thereof) but if I ever ran afoul of one of them and they decided to flex and delete my account, if just come back as another name. Keep plugging away and just have fun.
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And a TY to you, too.

I'm yet undecided but leaning more and more towards staying - if only to get to know how a Nazi by the name of Josef Mingle was able to remain undetected for so many decades.

Speaking of names...if I stay, I get myself at least another alias, promised.

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...contract cancer of you balls/womb and your tongue" for only marking it as NSFW instead of immediately banning that child abuser and reporting it to the authorities. No, there is no room for any leniency, and I do also hope that one day a similar incidence will affect everyone responsible at imgflip.

And another "fcuk you" for KtG the fascistic fcukstick I'm accusing directly for the kick out I had received.

Due to my erratic style of writing, I had posted this a bit too early:

Unless Trump, I concede defeat. imgflip is definitely not something to hang my heart on, and I guess I will survive the depart without suffering too much pain.

I'm going to hang around for a while if you like to say goodbye or wish I'm going to burn in hell, but I won't contribute anything else except to this post anymore before I'm vanishing in the electric mist.

Stay safe, get old and wise and give them Nazi Trumpturds hell. ;-)
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well this sucks
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