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Look. As one player to another- don't use sites like Infowars or those FreedomEagle76 as sources. They're hacks that are out to move some google adwords. Here's a good measure to use on any source- whether that's a website or a person or a youtube video. Do they use the Unanswered Question Fallacy? It's where they present a piece of information- often incomplete- and then ask leading questions designed to cast doubt on the event or person. Hack politicians do this all the time too. Lemme give you an example: There are more conservative posters on imgflip than liberal ones. Why is that? Is it because it's a community that attracts like minded people or is it something else? Is it that Imgflip actively suppresses liberal users? Do they block liberal posts and downvote the few they allow through? Or is is something worse? Are they secretly in the employ of Putin?!? A solid source will ask a central question: what happened to all the money the Trump inauguration committee raised? Then provide a series of answers to that central question with sourced information.
A recent poll on Fox News
1) If they don't have documetns to prove I don't own it. I own it. 2) How are you collecting those votes? How are the proposals going to be posted and where? 3) you clearly have never hired anyone to do a job.
A recent poll on Fox News
Then what's to stop me from saying that's my land? And then how do we decide on what roads are built? then how do we pay for them? and then who makes sure they're built to spec?
Sorry. Infowars is a non-starter. He has admitted that what he does is solely for entertainment and selling bogus survivalist gear.
A recent poll on Fox News
Okay. So I understand: you want to disolve central governments that collect taxes to build roads. You want to replace them with crowdfunded projects that use public land? How is this land declared public?