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I'd like to see her pull the trigger on that .50AE while holding it that way. I bet she manages to hit herself in the head with the barrel.
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I was about to post something similar. The recoil from those things is just f***ing horrible.
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I must be an outlier, because the few times I've fired one, I absolutely love the recoil! Now to be fair, I'm not saying I could hit anything beyond... about my front yard, but still I loved it.
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No. No we can't. Why? Because we're scared little turds.

Your First Amendment Right to peaceably assemble? GONE

Your Second Amendment Right to keep and bear arms? GONE since gun stores have been deemed “unessential” while the police ignore property crimes and jails release criminals onto our streets for fear the criminals might suffer from coronavirus.

Fourth Amendment Right of freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures basically GONE as the gubmint [sic] has started checking with social media to ensure you’re staying in your home.

Fifth Amendment Right to Due Process? GONE since many businesses are told to close by FREAKING MAYORS and County Commissioners. HUH? Why is the Supreme Court not stepping in?
 This is a violation of due process.

Seventh Amendment - Right of trial by jury - and Eighth Amendment - Right of freedom from excessive bail/cruel/unusual punishment? GOING … GOING ... Dept of Justice is currently seeking permission to imprison INDEFINITELY anyone who violates the “stay at home" order.

The USA has lost its collective mind and NO ONE IS SAYING A DAMN WORD ABOUT IT.

Even if all this unConstitutional garbage gets reversed in 10 days, 30 days, 6 months … the Feds, State governors, and even piss-ant mayors have discovered that they can wield unbelievable power to control the populace. What's next? What other rights are they willing to toss in the trash bin to "save" you in the name of the "collective" interest?

And the media is complicit.
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We were given a republic. But can we keep it?
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