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When do you stop caring?

When do you stop caring? | 1300 American children die every year from gunshots. 5800 more are treated in hospitals for gunshot wounds. DO YOU CALL YOURSELF PRO-LIFE? | image tagged in memes,star wars yoda,gun control,children | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Ever done any research on which demographic is the most consistently violent and responsible for most of that? It's a cultural issue; and they almost all . . . vote . . . Democrat.
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In your dreams. Look up the word "projection." We know who fetishizes guns, and they're not Democrats. Gun violence is consistently higher in red states.
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Most big cities are controlled by Dem Party politicians-- even in red states -- and that's where 9/10ths of all gun violence resides . . . among Dem Party voters.
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9/10ths? Fairy dust. Gun violence is not limited to big cities, as conservative fund-raising says. You're much more likely to be killed by a gun in the house than stopping some mythical home invader who exists only in your fantasies. You really ought to stop inhaling the gun lobby airplane glue and get the real numbers.
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Everything you replies is NOTHING that I addressed. It's as if strawmen arguments is ALL that the average leftist memer knows.
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What you addressed are total fantasies and falsehoods. It is not possible to address fairy dust.
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IT WOULD TAKE OVER 50,000 YEARS TO EQUAL THE DEATHS BY HITLER, STALIN, MAO, POLPOT AND CASTRO. HITLER PROMISED A SAFE SOCIETY BY TAKING AWAY | image tagged in holocaust,communist execution | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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This is also false. Hitler took guns away from Jews, not everybody. More gun lobby disinformation.
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And how did that turn out for the
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Ohhhh, he hit em with the chair!
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BLM, huh?

If our black young men are getting wasted by the police now, what do you think would happen if guns were outlawed?

For the moment we're going to say that no young black men are going to possess any guns.

Setting aside the don't commit crimes, don't run, etc., narratives...

Setting aside the people holding guns the police have shot...

How do you think that will affect the number of police shootings?

They shot a mentally challenged man sitting on the ground holding a toy car.

They've shot people sitting in their apartments minding their own business.

They've shot people through the walls of their homes while raiding next door.

They've shot people holding knives.

They've shot people holding swords.

They've shot people holding sticks.

They've shot people holding cell phones.

They've shot people holding nothing and running away from them.

They've shot people holding nothing and standing still.

They've beaten people to death.

They've choked people to death.

They've used their cars to cause accidents.

They've used their cars to run over people on foot.

All because these highly trained, body armor wearing, radio having, available back up having government agents are "afraid for their life and the lives of their fellow officers" - because of you.

Young or old, male or female, it is YOU the police always say they fear.

Is all that keeps them from running totally amok the possibility that you may have the means to fight back when you fear for your life because of THEM?

I'm here to tell you...often people aren't resisting arrest, they are resisting an ass whoopin'.

Police don't need guns to do their job.

They've exceeded themselves.

And the criminals have exceeded themselves.

But here you are wanting to take the guns of people who have done nothing.

Who will keep them from getting killed by rogue cops or rouge criminals?

Survival of the fittest?

A .410/38 "Judge" revolver makes my mother a whole lot fitter.
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How many by car accidents?
Or you only concerned about carbon monoxide related incidents to justify climate change insanity?
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I am pro life and that is why I own guns - to protect lives.

I would guess that people that kill other people to get their "respect" or settle a dispute are not pro life...well, maybe pro life in prison.

Also, you should not abort babies - it is murder.
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Guns have no safe use. They kill. That is murder.
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Guns have use for personal defense.

That is their one job.

That is their purpose.

People kill.

The gun is the tool.

It is not murder if you are attacked.

A developing fetus does not attack.
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1300 American children die every year from gunshots. 5800 more are treated in hospitals for gunshot wounds. DO YOU CALL YOURSELF PRO-LIFE?