Trump says FUCK YOU to American Workers!

Trump says FUCK YOU to American Workers!  | $15 MIMIMUM WAGE FOR ALL AMERICANS? F**K YOU! HEY MEXICO! I'M DEMANDING A $15 AN HOUR MINIMUM WAGE FOR YOU! ::Because Trump and his voters a | image tagged in donald trump,president,mexico,minimum wage,retarded,maga | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Minimum wage laws suppress employers' ability to hire more workers.
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I owned a restaurant where I paid my servers $5 an hour plus tips. When I put the ad in the paper, I had a line that extended down the sidewalk in the strip mall my business was in, from that business (next to an Aaron's) down past the other 10 stores, including a Home Depot and Staples...for just 15 positions. And yes, of course I hired the insanely hot Russian girl (Masha) with absolutely no experience.

We were 'in the black' our first month. Stayed there.

Your entire "entry-level" jobs platform is a farce. In the restaurant business, we like to cross-train (this pile of shit you put up doesn't mention that because they have no idea how to run a business) our people and promote from within. That's why the biggest chains have people that have been with the company since they were teenagers and retire as managers and regional managers and members of the 'front office.'

Also what you fail to understand...and only I do understand the wave of illegal firing of 'older' employees and those who use their health insurance more than the average employee that companies who weren't even ON Wall Street perpetrated under the guise of the "economic collapse."

Hundreds of thousands of people had to scramble to find employment and many found it in food service and retail.

I started out as a server, moved into management, then went back to service to work in a 5-star restaurant. The license plate on my Corvette read IW8ONU. I pulled down 15-2500 a week in tips and then was offered the position of expediter in the same restaurant.

Same with retail.

And the numbers these lame ass memes throw out are not realistic. I also owned a Domino's and ran the highest labor costs in the franchise. I also had top 3 sales, paid myself handsomely, made my franchise payments every month and never had an inventory problem because of a lack of money.

The problem is business owners. Wall Street.
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$15 MIMIMUM WAGE FOR ALL AMERICANS? F**K YOU! HEY MEXICO! I'M DEMANDING A $15 AN HOUR MINIMUM WAGE FOR YOU! ::Because Trump and his voters are f**king retarded::
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