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Trump Truth Hat
Facts hurt, huh WTF? Ask me how many times the Trumptard was brought up on charges for Russian money-laundering...or how much money was laundered TO him after he lost everything...facts, b**ch. We have them, you don't. F**k Hillary. I hate the Clintons you ignorant f**k.
What? No school shootings in Atheist countries?
You know you're clueless as all hell TCT? You're just another cherry-picking idiot because someone decided that the majority of the shooters, raised Christian, haven't been to church lately so they have to now be atheists. Why don't you exercise your 2nd Amendment rights and eat a bullet?
You can't handle the truth!
Thanks for totally proving out the meme, you retarded shit-for-brains.
these overpaid idiots in nfl costumes vs real military uniforms,happy labor day.
Like pretty much everything else, you also don't know what 'ad hominem' means. These are facts. Trump IS a pedophile child-rapist. His wife IS a w**re. He most probably molested his own daughter. He IS treasonous. He IS a convicted conman (Trump U). He DID, for DECADES, launder Russian mob and oligarch money through his real estate dealings: the most blatant of which was getting paid, during the financial crisis when people were giving away real estate; 94 MILLION dollars for a property not worth half that, by a Russian Oligarch who never even moved into the property. Trump IS a piece of totally useless shit...unless you're in the 1%. If you voted for this c**t of a douchebag, it's because you were incapable of independent research and thought and WERE conned by a bunch of Russian teenagers-which has been proven to have happened. So f**k off you idiot. You and your ilk are everything that's wrong with this country only you're too f**king retarded to know it. Eat a f**king bullet.
these overpaid idiots in nfl costumes vs real military uniforms,happy labor day.
The stupid in that statement is beyond staggerinly retarded...but then I remember what's in the White House and that you probably voted for the pedophile child-rapist, w**re-marrying, probably incestuous Russian mob money-laundering Piece of Totally Useless Shit and I'm not even surprised.