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How to Know You're a Bitch in politics
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Are you talking about the pedophile child-rapist daughter-f**king Orange moron?
Because that's not lying about a moron barely qualified to clean toilets in remote truck stops while 'comforting' lonely travelers out back behind the dumpsters for $5 a pop, let alone hold any political office.
Fuck W R Hearst in fun
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I've had well over that number...I'd take the money around...250 or so. It gets boring.
GOP treason and plot... in politics
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It doesn't show the grinding because it's a photograph. 25 witnesses say what really happened. The photographer says what was really going on. Anybody who's ever been to a strip club can tell you exactly how you end up in that pose.
No 15 year old girl sits on her father's lap in public.
Trump and Epstein were great buddies and Trump attended Epstein's underaged girls parties: VIDEOS are easily found.
Trump himself admits walking in on naked 14-15 year old girls and says how '...beautiful...' they are.
#PedoTrump click it bitch

As for your idiot Biden lies:
GOP treason and plot... in politics
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You were saying, pedophile-loving moron?
GOP treason and plot... in politics
0 ups, 3y
All you have to do is Google "Ivanka gives Trump a lap dance," then look at all the pics he took with her that NORMAL guys only take with someone they're having sex with. Everyone but you idiots know.
He awarded Alex Acosta with a cabinet position for protecting him and his fellow rich pedophiles (on both sides) from further investigation, but then you probably don't know about that since, you know, it's FACT. 'member facts? Of course you don't.
One-term Pedophile-in-Chief! Why? Because there are only so many of you retarded f**ks and the rest of the country wanted rid of all of you.
Do you have a new rock picked out yet to go crawl back under?