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School shooter calvin in FirearmFriendly
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HE WILL BE WHEN HE "ACCIDENTALLY" KILLS SOMEONE DUE TO LACK OF TRIGGER DISCIPLINE | image tagged in on the | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
In case you haven't noticed, this stream is predominantly filled with responsible firearm owners who wish to help everyone with safe firearm handling habits. Some people in this world will not receive this kind of knowledge imparted on them other than here. The kid pictured has either had none or poor firearm safety training.
Open carry in politics
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That's good you feel that way. Then you will understand the way everyone else feels about you too and your frivolous claims that don't really matter even if you could prove them. At least we are on the same sheet of music there.
And, in case you had forgotten, this is the internet, getting all pissed over this is only a detriment to your own health and mental well being.
But we are all adults here (or claim to be) so make your own decisions.
Open carry in politics
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Don't want to?
Or can't?
Crickets in BeyondTheComments
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