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And up vote of course

And up vote of course  |  CAPTION THIS | image tagged in vladimir putin,putin | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
474 views 10 upvotes Made by Natalie_vance 5 years ago
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Do you know how many mosquitoes can land on one square centimeter of your skin in Siberia? ... That's a good boy.
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Haha. Thanks.
That's funny
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There are no words, none.

Altho I can't help but wonder if mama over there cut a really big fart, because her tummy sure went down after Putin stole the lolli.
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Just met Putin, scarred me for life.
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Y'all Got Any More Of That Meme | OH. SO YOU JUST GONNA ANNOUNCE YOUR REACTION. THAT'S LIKE GETTING CUT OFF IN TRAFFIC AND YELLING, "THE HORN!!!" OR IF YOU GOT A SPECK OF DUS | image tagged in memes,y'all got any more of that | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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