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10-31-19. Nasa brings bombs or meteors. Set your watch. If trump was bad man he would be gone. You're just sad.
Bring on the bread lines!! Let's just all hang ourselves!!
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I love you, but you're just a sick pos.
The nazis will never come, but your socialist agendas will.
Cow fart party.
The path of the wrathful man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the butthurt and the tears of silly wimps in fun
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Cow farts are bad.
Biden or Haha the next step.
Reparations, anti America, pro Islam, anti white, Cowfarts, planes bad, let's just bury america.
Let's just shoot everyone.
Communists pos!!
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Biden vs the green fart party.
Trump is the bad man.
Sickening. No more planes or steaks, but they can have planes and steaks.
We will follow until the end.
Free free free.
I'm going to hang myself.
You guys kill kids after birth.
So sick.
But it's ok. Its clown world now!!!
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No socialists here.
Why cant you just go hang yourself?
You think trump is bad. Lol. Look on the horizon of your.own party.
We are done.
Thank you for fuxking us